Next generation EMR Platform built in record time (and budget)

"It took you less than a year to build this? and only cost this much to build? Oh Wow!" - Ex-CTO of a leading EMR company

Conception to go live

Under 12 months


CTO, UI/UX, 14 Developers, 4 QA

Project Overview

A visionary Cardiologist was frustrated by the current Electronic Medical Record (EMR) landscape. Outdated , bloated, and designed decades ago, these platforms were built for general practitioners (GPs) but failed to address the needs of specialist physicians. These platforms were unusable, unequipped for telemedicine, and failed to deal with vast amount of data that is available today thanks to health wearables, and remote patient monitoring solutions. They also lacked critical functions to run a medical practice. He set out to build the next generation Integrated Medical Platform.

The platform consists of a Web Application that allows Physicians, Nurses, Medical and Administrative staff to access various capabilities, in addition to a Patient Mobile app that allows the patient to access their healthcare data.

The platform would implement a large array of functions that are required to run a medical practice; Electronic Record Management (EMR/ EHR), Patient files, Requisition Management, Fillable PDF Forms, Digital Signatures, Medication Management (Rx) , Charting, Scheduling and Appointment Management, Billing, Search, Email, in-clinic messaging, as well as e-Fax capabilities. In addition to Telemedicine and remote patient monitoring capabilities.

Before working with BitLab, our visionary physician tried his hand at hiring an offshore company to build it. However it became clear that his vision cannot be outsourced. What he needed is a Technology partner who can translate the vision into a product, and the product to specifications that a capable software team can deliver on. Given Shoukri's medical knowledge and understanding of the healthcare space, and the processes surrounding it, they both went to work and were able to bring the platform to life and to exceed stakeholder expectations.

Project Execution

During the initiation phase we started documenting the business requirements and user stories. The UI/UX designers went to work building the foundation UI/UX. We also came up with the high level architecture of the platform. The Technical team engaged to start doing spikes the purpose of which is to identify risky or technically complex pieces of work, and to come up with proof of concepts (POCs) on how to address these areas. During this stage the team also identified 3rd party components, software packages, and services that would be used to accelerate the development process. Buy vs. build tradeoffs were evaluated with emphasis on Intellectual Property, licensing requirements, security, and compliance with various healthcare regulations such as HIPAA, PIPEDA, in addition to operational costs. This exercise took a month, after which the development team got engaged, and we went to work.

For the next 8 months the team went to work incrementally shipping various features of the platform in sprints until the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) features were ready to go live.  After which the team conducted additional hardening sprints, performance testing, in addition to security and compliance checks.

Project Results

Leveraging BitLab's knowledge, experience, and deep resource pool the platform was built in the record time of 9 months. After which it was ready to go live in private clinics.

The greatest testimony to the work the team has done came from an Ex-CTO of a well known EMR platform who was doing due diligence on behalf of investors. "It took you less than a year to build this? and only cost this much to build? Oh Wow!"

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"Bitlab demonstrates deep technology, product, business expertise, and fast time-to-market. We have been working with BitLab for 5 years across our portfolio companies. They helped in various capacities, from turning our founders' visions into products, executing project delivery, and helping with staff augmentation."
Aleem Nathwani
Principal, Nathwani Capital
"I highly recommend Shoukri and BitLab as a fractional CTO and software development agency. They quickly fixed performance issues and built new features for our travel app, resulting in a significant improvement in user experience."
Julian Ing
CEO, LaunchTrip
"Shoukri and the BitLab team were an invaluable part of our company for three years. They successfully launched and grew multiple gaming and web 3 products. Shoukri expertly led both onsite and offshore teams, improving our delivery, technology, and architecture processes. They consistently exceeded expectations and delivered exceptional value to our business and customers. We highly recommend them."
Charlo Barbosa
CEO, GoodGamer
"The right technology partner is critical.
BitLab took us from concept to a live platform in a few months and created a product that kept us competitive in our marketplace."
Rory Smith
CEO, 1-Bridge Logistics
"Under (BitLab’s) management the company successfully delivered multiple large-scale highly complex technology projects, on time within budget. Shoukri is a rare technology evangelist that has both excellent management and presentation/sales skills."
Mickey Weizmann
Founder & Managing Partner, ImagineX Consulting
"I really believe in the company that we built, I think the ROI on the company we've built together could be way more than 10x. I'm very happy with what we built. I'm very happy with the way it looks, the way it works, with everything."
Rebecca Oystila
“Shoukri is able to understand what I have in mind even when I cannot express it. He can take the idea and convert it into something that tech and development can realize. I think that is the missing link in most of the existing competitors. So the product that we ended up delivering, this is what made the difference."
Dr Ibrahim Ragui
"I saw your professionalism and when I brought you on to meet the India team and for you to see what they did, you gave me your honest opinion. When we asked you to help us to fix a few things, things were fixed much faster and in a better way. It showed the level of competence."
Shady Sabongui
CEO, Tempora Heating Elements
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