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We are one of a kind Technology Innovation Lab

BitLab was born from our obsession with startups and why they succeed. Unlike traditional software development agencies (dev shops) that expect you to give them specifications to deliver a "project", we work with you to turn your vision into a product. This involves a deeper understanding of your customers, their burning needs, the market you operate in, and your business model. We  use this knowledge, and our experience to shape the product, the roadmap, and build technology to be one of your most valuable assets.

Our impact in numbers

Great work produces
great results.


Team Members

With team members in Asia, Europe, Middle East, and North America, we work around the clock to deliver value.


Products launched

From Telecommunications, Medical, IoT, Logistics, to Blockchain and Gaming, we delivered more than 70 products.


Raised by startups we helped

Not only do we build superior products, but we also connect founders with VCs in our network.


Client Satisfaction

We don't look at startups that we work with as clients, but business partners. Business partnerships are a long term game.

Our Story

We started in 2015 as a team of passionate builders.

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The essence of BitLab is a network. Its' nucleus started forming as early as 2007, as Shoukri moved between various countries, companies, roles, worked on ideas, and startups. We meet, and recognize talent around the globe.

As the network grows, the value of the network grows, and so is the value for our members. Our customers, our employees, our partners and vendors.

We invite YOU today to join our network, where we can embark on this amazing journey of growth, mastery, and prosperity.

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Our standards

We have core values over the type of work we produce.

Do Right by Everyone

We constantly strive to do right by our Customers, Users, and our Team.

Extreme Ownership

Taking responsibility and holding ourselves accountable for everything that happens whether good or bad.


A true master is one who is open and humble. Always learning, constantly improving.


Change is the only constant in life, business, and software. We embrace change and seek to find opportunity with every change.


"Simple can be harder than complex: you have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it's worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains" - Steve Jobs


We innovate by exposing ourselves to ideas and concepts from a large number of domains and combine them in new and unique ways to solve problems.

Our offices

We have virtual offices in Toronto, and San Francisco

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San  Francisco, USA

San Francisco, California(CA), USA

Toronto, Canada

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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We love Open Source software. Whenever possible we use, and contribute back to Open source projects.

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