Tempora Heating Elements

Commercial Grade IoT Railroad Heating System Rebuilt for Leading Canadian Mechanical Equipment Manufacturer
Hardware, Firmware, IoT, Cloud, B2B
MacBook mockup
From re-implementation plans
to live in <90 days
RaspberryPi, IoT Gateway, AWS IoT
Startup from Development Standstill


  • Before BitLab, Shady was partnered with another offshore developer who failed to deliver
  • A year and a half, and hundreds of thousands of dollars later, development was still ongoing with no end in site.
  • Client's testing indicated a large number of critical defects that kept piling up with no resolution.
  • The project delivery falling behind. The system was not operational.
  • Penalties involved for the delay
  • Lack of visibility into the underlying issues -- the root causes of development issues were not clear, only the surface level symptoms

"It was a disaster. I couldn't sleep weeks on end because I was afraid machines stopped working, we'd lost communication, and it was just brutal."

Shady Sabongui

CEO at Tempora


  • Based on the findings and action plan, the client decided to terminate the vendor , and hand-over the project to BitLab for implementing the remediation plan.
  • The vendor team pushed back, and at times withheld information and source code. However using our reverse engineering practices, we clearly identified the information and source code gaps that were missing, and through negotiations with vendor managed to free-up the necessary artifacts for the team to execute.
  • First release was completed in 5 weeks
  • Second release, completed on week 9, was shipped out to our client’s customer and included most of the major fixes
  • Shady asked BitLab to also begin work in parallel on the next iteration of the hardware and software with additional functionality, as no expense was spared on delivering to his client.
  • This project was a win-win for everyone involved once BitLab got involved

"Right now, I'm very comfortable. I could sleep at night and we have over 200 things on the field, and I'm not worried. We are able to see the system, update firmware, troubleshooting without having to send somebody on the field and drive six hours away."

Shady Sabongui

CEO at Tempora

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