Rebuilding World’s First Group-Friendly Travel App from Scratch
Travel and Tourism
Mobile Application, Cloud, Payments System, B2C
MacBook mockup
Complete platform
revamp in 60 days
Rejuvinated Startup
Following Dev Agency Deadlock
UI from “Clunky” to “Sleek”


  • Initially a “slow, buggy, poorly optimized marketplace platform”
  • One of the biggest challenge is that the platform integrates with two global distribution systems.
  • Experienced a lot of bottlenecks with the API team from the GDSs because they were working with “really bloated, old technology”
  • Lack of experienced mentorship and technical knowledge on the team
  • No active CTO to overlook the project

"The right technology partner is critical.
BitLab took us from concept to a live platform in a few months and created a product that kept us competitive in our marketplace"

Julian Ing

CEO of LaunchTrip


  • Fully rebuilt into a platform that has a robust backend, web and mobile apps
  • Successfully integrated the Amadeus API, significantly improving the system's functionality.
  • Enhanced team integration and operational efficiency, particularly in managing internal developers and the API team.
  • Introduced better development methodologies, leading to faster integration and more effective learning among the team.
  • Overcame previous challenges with slow-performing senior developers, streamlining the development process.
  • Enabled the capability to make bookings and access inventory from the Amadeus GDS, addressing previous limitations where the system could only display a limited number of hotels without crashing.
  • Resolved issues with the inventory system, making it functional and efficient.
  • Addressed and streamlined a complex split payment system, making it operational.
  • The CTO on project successfully managed both internal and external teams, including project managers and developers.
  • The positive impact of these interventions was felt within two to three weeks of involvement

"The outcome is, a faster integration, getting our internal developers to be much more operational, learning better methodologies. I think about this all the time, we have a couple of senior developers that, we thought were senior, and they were arduously slow. And we were unfortunately at the mercy of these developers. And until your team came in, until you came in, you know, if you didn't, I don't think we would've ever gotten that Amadeus GDS integrated anytime soon."

Julian Ing

CEO of LaunchTrip

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